How to Apply

To apply for either the JD Student Scholarship or the Undergraduate Student Scholarship, students are required to write an essay, complete an anonymous questionnaire, and submit their essay via email.

Please follow each of the following 3 steps to complete your application:

1) Essay Submission:

Applications for both the Undergraduate and the JD Law Student scholarships require the submission of an essay.

Essay submissions must be 500-800 words in length and include a title page with all of the following:

  • First and Last Name
  • Date
  • Current School
  • Current Field of Study
  • School Email Address
  • Student Phone Number

Please read and choose from either one of the following prompts for your essay:

  1. According to a study conducted by the Legal Services Corporation, for every person helped by LSC-funded legal aid programs, another is turned away. Furthermore, lack of access to legal services is magnified when analyzing by income level; the same study found that there is only one legal aid attorney available for every 6,415 low-income people. Not only did the 2009 study report a major justice gap, it expands upon the persistent disconnect between the practice of law and a significant portion of low-income individuals and families in the United States.
    Tell us what you feel is the best way for the legal profession to effectively serve this portion of the population. We’re looking for realistic yet innovative ideas, so incorporate technological, legal, and/or cultural concepts in your search for a viable solution.
  2. The practice of law intersects with virtually every aspect of our lives. Privacy laws dictate how we interact with emerging technologies, immigration laws define how we enrich our neighborhoods, and business laws ensure fair commercial practices for consumers. Drawing from an interdisciplinary approach, obtaining a law degree provides the opportunity to contribute to a plethora of societal needs.
    Tell us how obtaining a law degree will allow you to achieve your goals. What does it mean to make your mark in the legal profession?

2) Student Questionnaire:

Applicants for both Undergraduate and JD Law scholarships are required to complete the following survey to be eligible for the award.

Questionnaire answers will not be used for consideration when selecting a winner. These answers are strictly for our own research and all personal information will be kept confidential and separate from your application.

Please click here to begin the questionnaire.

3) Completing Your Submission:

Once your essay is ready for submission, please email the essay and title page in a PDF format to

For JD Law submissions:

  • Please make your subject line: “Law Student Scholarship Application for Firstname Lastname
  • please name your file as: lastname_firstname_jd.pdf

For Undergraduate submissions:

  • Please make your subject line: “Undergraduate Scholarship Application for Firstname Lastname
  • please name your file as: lastname_firstname_undergrad.pdf